About us

Who We Are

Asterys is a global organizational development firm that operates through an international network of Facilitators of Transformation and Executive Coaches.

We love to create meaningful partnerships with our clients and support them to generate powerful individual and cultural transformations through strategic top team alignment, executive and team coaching, customized leadership and coaching training programmes and initiatives that foster a sustainable self-transforming and learning culture.

We’ve been supporting organizations since 2002. Interested in our history? Read here. (mettere il link a “History”)

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the evolution of humanity by enabling leaders to transform their way of thinking, their way of being and their organizations. Our talent is to unlock their full potential and amplify the impact they have in the world.

Our Values

Asterys is a values-driven organization. We are convinced that the key to develop a great organization is a strong focus on the values that guide the way people act and make decisions.

We make sure that these values are supported and put into action by all our associate Executive Coaches and Facilitators.


We act with honesty and respect for all people. We act in harmony with what we think, feel and say, with ethical and behavioral codes that we all have chosen to follow. We make fair decisions, especially when these decisions can have an impact on other human beings. We are committed to respond creatively, always evaluating facts and not prejudices and avoiding misunderstandings.

Passion for evolution

Our passion for the evolution helps us to visualize the next step for our clients’ and associates’ growth. We invite ourselves and others to explore new ways of thinking and act in a pro-active and entrepreneurial manner. We are aware that we cannot take anyone to places we haven’t explored ourselves and this drives us to stay on a path of continuous learning and evolution.


We know that we do not know, and this is why we strive to never take ourselves too seriously and to not allow personal or professional arrogance to get in the way of our evolution. We look at the world through the eyes of a beginner, questioning ourselves as a daily practice.


We strive to continually develop our programmes and services. We constantly monitor, measure and evaluate the results of our initiatives to inform improvements in the impact and quality of what we offer. We choose not to put ourselves in service of a client if we are not convinced about the value we can generate for them.


We communicate, give and receive feedback honestly and openly and we believe that everyone starts out with good intentions. We foster a transparent exchange of expectations and we undertake to use a profound level of listening with our clients and associates, avoiding prejudices and criticism, and to create a safe space where trust can develop.


We believe that there is no learning without enjoyment and this is why we value the sense of humor and the capacity to not take ourselves so seriously.


Executive Team

Giovanna D’Alessio, MCCFounding Partner & C.E.O. Asterys
Stefano Petti, PCC.Partner & Managing Director Asterys