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Giovanna D’Alessio, Founding Partner & CEO and Stefano Petti Partner & Managing Director introduce Asterys, a global organizational development firm.


When you’re experiencing a change in your life, or want to reach a specific professional or personal goal.


The coaching model developed by Life Coach Lab is called “ Double Star Coaching Conversation Model”. The two stars of the title represent two levels of conversation which are important in different moments of the coaching relationship.


When we work side by side with our clients to help them define the leadership approaches which will lead their organization towards success, we first analyze a snapshot of the present culture and leadership behaviors.


Studies carried out on the outcome of change initiatives show a dramatic reality: 70% of these initiatives fail or do not achieve their full potential.


Following the first successful experiences, coaching activities in big and middle-size companies are increasing. Coaching is now considered the best tool to develop leadership competences and bring out people’s full potential.


In the present atmosphere of change and uncertainty the pressure on leaders is constantly increasing. The need to be effective in these extreme conditions can create insecurity, stress, anxiety and fear.





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