4 Steps to Dispel a Bad Mood

4 Steps to Dispel a Bad Mood

11:13 18 January in Leadership & personal Development

by Stefano Petti, Alexander Caillet and Jeremy Hirshberg

You know you’re in a bad mood. You know it’s hurting your performance at work. But how do you get yourself out of it?

We investigated how 740 leaders tried to solve this problem for themselves, and we presented their best practices in a previous HBR article. But when we took a deeper look, we discovered that many of these professionals had mixed results when they used these practices separately or infrequently. As a result, more than half of them couldn’t shift their states of mind when they needed to.

It’s clear that consistency and combination are the real keys to success. After years of experimenting, we’ve discovered that one specific sequence of practices can, when performed regularly, greatly increase a leader’s ability to shift into the productive state of mind we refer to as CHE – calm, happy and energized. We call this the 4-Step Reset.

Read the whole article on Harvard Business Review: https://hbr.org/2015/04/4-steps-to-dispel-a-bad-mood