Asterys sponsors the CIPD Learning and Development Show in London

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Asterys sponsors the CIPD Learning and Development Show in London

14:29 30 April in Uncategorized

Asterys’ presence at the CIPD Learning and Development Show in London on April 30th/May 1st is the testimony of the international vocation of the organizational development firm.

The CIPD Learning and Development Show is a key appointment for all the HR professionals who want to be up-to-date with the newest learning technologies and methodologies.

Asterys’s booth (#838) has been designed in a way that invites attendees to learn more about Asterys’ unique change programmes. “We have developed a one-of-a-kind approach to support employees and leaders to engage, commit and take ownership for personal and collective change.” Affirms Giovanna D’Alessio, Partner and CEO of Asterys: “Change is a constant in our increasingly complex world and the organizations where people are able not to just adapt to the challenges that lay ahead but to keep changing and learning over time are those who will be successful. We equip leaders and people with what they need to just do that. Our programmes work on both leadership and team development and transform the whole culture of the organization, moving the entire workforce toward high performance.”

Asterys’ programmes tackle the different levels that need to be considered to be successful when dealing with change, addressing both what is visible and resides above the surface and what is not normally visible and resides below the surface of reality.

Change happens in the environment and it takes place above the surface of our reality. In order for leaders and employees to take on change they need to adapt and re-align such different levels. This is called transformation. Transformation is what happens inside each human being, beneath the surface, in order to shift or develop their mindsets and understanding or consciousness. So in order to perform in times of change, people need to recognize the need to deal with both the actual change and the human transformation.

During the CIPD Learning and Development Show, Asterys will present a new programme dedicated to HR professionals : “Managing Whole System Transformations”.

The need to anticipate and manage change has grown parallel to the evolving role of HR, which, more than ever, today should be devoted to championing change and organizational development in service of the business priorities of the organization. With this new programme, Asterys aims at supporting HR professionals to become strong organizational change facilitators within their organizations.

During the CIPD Learning and Development Show attendees can register to win one of the three free registrations to the first module of the programme.