How Your State of Mind Affects Your Performance

How Your State of Mind Affects Your Performance

11:10 18 January in Leadership & personal Development

by Stefano Petti, Alexander Caillet and Jeremy Hirshberg

Two years ago our organization launched a long-term global research initiative to provide quantitative data on how state of mind (that is, their moment-to-moment experience of life as generated by their thinking and as expressed by their feelings) can affect leadership, and how to manage states of mind, rather than being managed by them..

We selected 18 states of mind and surveyed leaders around the world on how often they experience each one, the impact of each on their effectiveness and performance, and what they do to manage their states of mind. To date, we have surveyed and interviewed over 740 leaders.

So how do leaders shift from lower states of mind to higher states of mind and improve their effectiveness and performance? And how can they help other people in their organizations who tend to default to lower states of mind do the same?

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