The transpersonal approach of Life Coach Lab coachin model

The transpersonal approach of Life Coach Lab coachin model

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The coaching model developed by Life Coach Lab is called “ Double Star Coaching Conversation Model”. The two stars of the title represent two levels of conversation which are important in different moments of the coaching relationship. One star represents the elements of the “transformational” coaching, the other the elements of the “situational” coaching: the first one is more oriented to the client’s vision, values, mind-sets, life purpose and the transformations necessary to create a possible future, a game which is worth playing. This kind of coaching is focused on awareness and discovery. In the second star, that of the “situational coaching”, activities aim at defining real objectives and action plans to obtain the desired result. This kind of coaching is focused on action.

The “Double Star Coaching Conversation Model” gives the client the opportunity to develop a deep awareness of his own mind-sets and transform them, to bring out the best in himself and expand his potential.

This model represents a transpersonal coaching approach.

Transpersonal” means “beyond the person” and its psychology is based on the idea of a spiritual center or a spiritual self which exists inside each individual. The transpersonal approach was developed by high-profile psychologists such as Abraham Maslow, Victor Frankl and Carl Jung. Some essential elements of the transpersonal coaching approach are:

  • Empowerment, because this approach goes deep into the key values of each individual to bring out their inner strength and their creativity;

  • Greater self-awareness and development of the human being as one unique and complete person. This approach enables us to discover the mind-sets we create to protect ourselves from the different experiences of life and to transform them once we no longer need them .

  • Development of a better performance, as it helps the coachee to become more solid and less reactive, to chose how to behave instead of just react, and this leads to a better performance.

With the Double Star Coaching Conversation Model and its transpersonal approach the coachee experiences a transformational journey that transcends the acquisition of competences, tools and knowledge, allowing profound personal, intellectual and professional development.