Asterys approach focuses holistically on reaching greater self-awareness and an ecological and lasting transformation of mindsets and behaviours. The core element of our approach is helping clients to discover and transform their paradigms.

Transforming Paradigms

A paradigm is the general point of view from which we observe the world, which shapes our perceptions and our practices in an almost unconscious and unquestioned fashion. It gives shape to what we see, to how we interpret circumstances and people, to what we consider a problem and to how we tackle it.
The idea that people can modify their paradigms is extremely powerful. It means that they can deliberately transform the way in which they see and interpret the world around them and transform their environment and relationships.

“On the balcony and in the dance”

What we help our clients to do, as the key to enabling a paradigm shift, is to develop the capacity to be ‘on the balcony and in the dance’ at the same time. Each time we stop for a moment to reflect upon what we have done or said brings benefits. But most often this reflection is made in private or too late, when we can no longer influence the result of our actions. Being ‘on the balcony and in the dance’ at the same time has the power to make us step out of the action temporarily while we are doing it, become self aware and identify alternatives while still living that precise situation. By helping leaders and teams to develop this ability, we enable them to be more effective and to respond to people and events powerfully, creatively and consciously.

Philosophies inspiring our work

Our approach in everything we do draws inspiration from:

  • ontological models
  • transpersonal psychology
  • emotional intelligence
  • adult learning
  • quantum mechanics
  • eastern philosophies

in order to facilitate change, personal effectiveness and real transformation.
We give equal emphasis on “doing” and “being” and the client’s experience is that of a transformational journey that transcends the acquisition of capacities, tools and knowledge, thus enabling a deep personal, intellectual and professional development.”

A partnership-based relationship

We give our best when we are in a partnership-based relationship with our clients. All our programs have distinct phases (Staging, Boosting/Embedding and Measuring) that build on each other and enable the learning to move from mere knowledge to applied behaviour, thus producing visible and sustainable results. This journey works best when the client is invited to co-create it and co-manage it.