Our History

  • 2001 

    Giovanna D’Alessio founds Life Coach Lab when coaching is almost unknown in Italy. After fifteen-year of career in major international companies, Giovanna sees in coaching a philosophy of life, as well as a tool to support people in their path of personal and professional development

  • 2002

    Life Coach Lab is presented to the public at a press conference in January 2002 in Milan, introduced by the 2002 President of the ICF, Bobette Reeder.

    This event, the first in Italy to put the focus on the new coaching profession, is followed with great interest by the media. Television, newspapers radio and magazines began to talk about coaching, helping to spread an understanding of the profession to a growing public.

  • 2003

    Life Coach Lab decides to operate mainly in the corporate environment, focusing on senior managers and starting to offer executive and team coaching, leadership development and cultural transformation programs, with diagnostic tools and initiatives for leadership development.

  • 2005

    Life Coach Lab introduces impactful transformational programmes and develops approaches and tools that enable clients to create significant and sustainable change.

  • 2004

    Life Coach Lab inaugurates a coaching training programme for professionals who want to enter the coaching profession. The programme introduced the proprietary Double Star Coaching Conversation Model, created on the basis of Giovanna D’Alessio’s experience. The Double Star Coaching Conversation Model is the first model that combines the situational aspects of traditional coaching conversation models, with transformational aspects.

  • 2007

    The company reorganizes its structure to better reflect its three areas of business and creates three divisions: Corporate, The Campus and Evolution, dedicated respectively to the corporate world, to aspiring professional coaches and to people interested in their own personal development. At the same time it continues to grow its network of Associate Coaches and Facilitators around the world.

  • 2006

    Life Coach Lab’s international activity develops in 13 countries and in eight languages. In the meantime, Life Coach Lab begins to strengthen the network of Associate Coaches in Europe. In the same period Life Coach Lab is chosen by one of the top 10 corporations in the Fortune list to deliver a large cultural transformation initiative European-wide.

  • 2012

    Life Coach Lab celebrates its 10th anniversary and its shift from an Italian Coaching company to an International organizational development firm and chooses a name that better expresses its essence: “Asterys”. 2012 is also the year when the company splits into two different entities: Asterys and Asterys Lab, the former devoted exclusively to the area of organizational development and the latter, Asterys Lab, dedicated to the development of individuals and professional coaches.

    The inspiration behind our new name.

    The word Asterys derives from the name of a family of plants, the Asteracee, to which the Dandelion belongs. Its spores are transported by the wind and reach large distances. We find in the symbol of the spore, symbolised by the ‘y’ in our logo, our intention to sow the seeds of transformation at the individual, team and organizational level in order to create the conditions in which individuals and communities can thrive and express their innate potential.

  • 2008-2011

    The network of international Associates grows at a steady pace and reaches around 80 Associates in 4 continents, while revenues coming from international projects increase significantly. The focus is on consolidating the core business and developing a strong brand and identity associated with the notion of individual, team and organizational transformation.

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