The key differentiator between mediocre and high performance resides in the organizational culture.

Culture develops and transforms whether businesses are aware of it or not and in some cases the unwritten rules of “how we work here” create serious consequences at many levels and definitely an impact on the company’s effectiveness. When you find your organization unable to attract and retain high quality people, when you realize people work in silos or do not hold themselves accountable, when innovation and personal initiative are lacking, a culture that is not properly managed may be underlying the cause.

Culture development transforms the organization, its climate and its environment. A strong positive culture creates internal alignment and enhances the organisation’s ability to be resilient and adaptable. It has the power to engage the hearts and minds of the employees so that they develop commitment to the vision and are inspired to be the best they can be.
A cultural transformation within the organization is often fundamental in order to solve some major problems which appear throughout the life of an organization.

Through a range of diagnostics, different engagement activities and workshops, we partner with our clients to develop highly effective culture transformations initiatives.

When we analyse change initiatives, at least 70% of them fail or do not achieve their full potential. This happen because people resist change and because management finds it difficult to support change effectively. Asterys supports organisations and their people in taking accountability and in finding deep-felt motivation that funnels creative individual energy in the success of the change initiative.

Organizational Alignment /Engagement

The programme fosters strategic alignment among the management team, an extended group of key leaders or the whole organization. We use a combination of diagnostics and discussion formats to develop collective intelligence, innovation and engagement around the business priorities and desired business outcomes. Behavioral change management could reveal useful to make people understand that their behaviors within the organization have a great impact on how well the business works.
Workstreams can be set up to manage the follow up and implementation phase of these conversations.

Building an Internal Coaching Practice

The programme aims at developing professional coaching skills for the organizations needing to build internal coaching capacity. Our training is aligned to the standards of the International Coach Federation and, if needed, we can support in designing and building the internal coaching processes.

Developing a smart working culture

The Smart Working journey is part of a general change in mindset and values, and its implementation needs to be progressive.

An effective path to Smart Working needs to be managed with a systemic approach that affects simultaneously: flexibility, empowerment, accountability, trust, focus on results, collaboration and innovation.

It must accompany the leaders in shifting from managing by physical presence to managing by results, using different ways to stay in touch with the team, to evaluate workloads and monitor performance.

We have developed a partnership with a major design and space planning company, to offer our customers integrated solutions for implementing a “smart” environment and culture.