In this unprecedented time of uncertainty and turbulence, corporate leaders need to operate in an accelerated, ever-changing, cross-cultural and complex human and business environment. They must also engage and inspire the people they lead, create the conditions for them to really be at their best and the motivation to go to the extra mile.
There are series of competences that demand a higher level of awareness and the ability to function effectively in the uncertainty that are not only desirable nowadays but essential for an executive to be effective.

Our Leadership Development programs enable leaders to set out on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

The paradigms that underly their limiting behaviors are uncovered and new paradigms are activated which allow to enhance their effectiveness in a broad range of personal and professional situations.

Leading Self: Personal Mastery

To broaden participants’ self awareness and ability to respond effectively in any circumstance and changing environment, expand their level of mental ‘complexity’ and enable them to hold multiple perspectives and be at ease in situations of ambiguity.

Leading others: Managing Teams

The mindsets and leadership development required to transition successfully to a team leader role. Participants will become more familiar with their current managerial styles and embed new effective managerial models and tools, thus becoming masterful people managers.

Leading others: Interpersonal Effectiveness

To raise participants’ awareness around their communication styles and patterns and increase their ability to influence others, work collaboratively and manage difficult conversations effectively.

Leading others: Leader as coach

Leaders wanting to empower people to deliver sustainable performance must be able to employ a coaching approach when needed and develop the coach-related skills of deep listening, presence, powerful inquiry and feedback.

Leading change

To provide participants with a deeper understanding of the theoretical frameworks around whole system change, around the factors which enable and obstruct change and how to purposefully create the conditions for changes to happen.