The Strategic Role of HR: Managing Whole System Transformation programme is a comprehensive approach designed to develop strong organizational change facilitatorswithin your organization.

This programme provides an actionable framework and set of tools to help HR and organization leaders.

You will learn and apply whole system frameworks to analyze your own strategy to uncover hidden vital pivot-points where HR and talent management can make their biggest strategic contribution. The framework has been applied in many leading organizations for over 10 years.

Objectives of the programme:

  • developing a systemic awareness of the organization and its dynamics;
  • diagnose the true performance issues that normally go below the surface and under the radar;
  • build partnerships within the leadership team with mutual responsibility for the outcomes of the change effort;
  • make sure the vision is articulated, so that a clear direction enables employees to strive for something that is truly important to them;
  • set a leadership agenda, meaning  defining  the ongoing role for leaders in all the domains of the whole system;
  • tolerating and managing emotions, resistance, conflict and ambiguity: in a few words developing psychological maturity.


This program will provide:

  • An approach to system thinking that focuses on integrating business strategy, HR strategy, culture dynamics and talent and organization implications
  • Hands-on experience applying a proven framework to your own strategy, to create unique strategic value in human and organizational capital
  • A guided learning process with an array of rigorous and practical tools that have been used by organizations such as Ibm Inside Sales, American Express, 3i, Novartis.
  • A workshop learning approach that is based on leading research in system thinking, organizational behavior, coaching, and psychology.


This is a highly interactive programme. Participants will work to analyze their change strategy and the below-the-surface issues that affect performance. You will use tools to identify the “lenses” that reveal where mindsets and leadership behaviors most affect the change effort success, and the implications for human resource and organization practices. You will practice by applying these tools to available information from your organization, and you will learn about other organizations through discussion and break-out work. You will get individual support from a Mentor Coach, expert on whole system change.


Who Should Attend

This programme is for any HR leader wishing to help their organization develop successful change effort. This includes leaders in human resources, HR strategy, OD, and talent management.


Duration: 1 day

Objectives of the module:

  • understanding the hidden dynamics of a whole system
  • creating a systemic representation of a change challenge
  • working below-the-surface: the issue-tree analysis
  • Whole System model: a framework for long-lasting transformations


Participants will:

  • learn to shift their attention from the symptoms to the source and use the Issue-tree analysis to trace back the real issue hindering the organization’s success;
  • Learn to look at the system rather than the parts and use a systemic process to surface the system dynamics;
  • Analyse their current change needs through the lenses of the Whole System model to identify all the key variables that need to be addressed for a successful change program.

Cost: € 800,00 (+VAT if applicable)

It includes an Individual Value Assessment.

Travel and accommodation is not included



Duration: 3 days

Objectives of the module:

  • applying the Whole System Model to a change challenge
  • facilitating the leadership team performing a From-To analysis
  • working with values and behaviors
  • measuring organizational and leadership culture
  • developing emotional mastery
  • facilitating individual change and overcome resistance
  • developing trust-based relationships with senior leaders
  • engaging the whole system

Cost: € 2.800,00 (+VAT if applicable)

It includes a Leadership Value and an Organizational Value survey with individual debriefing and three mentoring sessions.


Travel and accommodation is not included


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