About Us

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to contribute to the evolution of humanity by enabling people to transform their way of thinking, their way of being and their organizations. Our talent is to unlock their full potential for their business and amplify the impact they have in the world.

Our Name

The word Asterys derives from the name of a family of plants, the Asteraceae, to which the Dandelion belongs. Its spores are transported by the wind and reach large distances. We find in the symbol of the spore, symbolized by the ‘y’ in our logo, our intention to sow the seeds of transformation at the individual, team and organizational level in order to create the conditions in which individuals and organizations can thrive and express their innate potential.

The Partners

Giovanna D’Alessio

Partner at Asterys, TEDx Speaker, Author of “Personal Mastery. The Path to Transformative Leadership”


Stefano Petti

Partner at Asterys, co-author of several Harvard Business Review articles. Member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council.



Asterys has a network of over 100 Facilitators and Executive Coaches in more than 25 countries. All the Associates in our network have been carefully selected and assessed. We all have a consolidated business background developed in the corporate world and most of us have held leadership positions in our previous jobs. Our coaches and facilitators are among the best available and know how to work at a very deep level with our clients.

As Executive Coaches we are credentialed by the International Coach Federation at PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and MCC (Master Certified Coach) level and we abide to its code of ethics. Asterys invests in the continuous development of the Associates’ competences through internal mentor coaching and training.



Giovanna D’Alessio founds Life Coach Lab and focuses mainly on executive coaching and
leadership development.


Life Coach Lab inaugurates a coaching training program for professionals who want to
enter the coaching profession.


Life Coach Lab introduces impactful transformational programmes and develops
approaches and tools that enable clients to create significant and sustainable change.


Life Coach Lab’s international activity develops in 13 countries and in eight languages.


Life Coach Lab is chosen by one of the top 10 corporations in the Fortune list to deliver a
large cultural transformation initiative European-wide.

2008- 2011

The network of international Associates grows at a steady pace and reaches around 80 Associates
in 4 continents, while revenues coming from international projects increase significantly.


Life Coach Lab grows into an International organizational development firm and chooses a
name that better expresses its essence: “Asterys” and splits into two different entities: Asterys
and Asterys Lab, the former devoted exclusively to the area of organizational development and
the latter, Asterys Lab, dedicated to the development of individuals and professional coaches.


Stefano Petti came on board as Partner.


Asterys Lab launches the “Professional Facilitation Mastery” training programme.


Asterys Lab’s coaching training programme becomes accredited ACTP by International
Coach Federation.


Asterys and Coima Image, design firm specialized in Architecture, Interior Design & Space
Planning, partner to provide clients with a comprehensive and strategic approach to Smart


Stefano and Giovanna launch “Supple Organization”, a revolutionizing operating system
and organizational design based on equalitarian structure of self-organizing, peer-coordinated