Leading Self: Personal Mastery

To broaden participants’ self-awareness and ability to respond effectively in any circumstance and changing environment, expand their level of mental ‘complexity’ and enable them to hold multiple perspectives and be at ease in situations of ambiguity.

Leading Others: Managing Teams

The mindsets and leadership development required to transition successfully to a team leader role. Participants will become more familiar with their current managerial styles and embed new effective managerial models and tools, thus becoming masterful people managers.

Leading Others: Interpersonal Effectiveness

To raise participants’ awareness around their communication styles and patterns and increase their ability to influence others, work collaboratively and manage difficult conversations effectively.

Leading Others: Leader as Coach

Leaders wanting to empower people to deliver sustainable performance must be able to employ a coaching approach when needed and develop the coach-related skills of deep listening, presence, powerful inquiry and feedback.

Leading change

To provide participants with a deeper understanding of the theoretical frameworks around whole system change, around the factors which enable and obstruct change and how to purposefully create the conditions for changes to happen.

Team Development

Top Team Alignment

We partner with CEOs and top teams to facilitate strategic conversations around their team’s effectiveness, their vision and purpose, their perception of what the organization needs in order to innovate and prosper vis a vis a thorough organizational diagnostic.

High Performing Team

The journey to become a high performing team is at the same time revealing and empowering, as it creates a whole new game plan, personal and team commitment and authentic, deep connections among members, thus taking relationships and team effectiveness to a whole new level.

Strategy Execution Booster

A programme which accelerates alignment of operational teams with the strategy and business priorities. It provides Team Leaders with best practices, tools and methodologies that support their effectiveness in executing the organizational strategy and one-to-one leadership development.

Unleashing Team Accountability

This program introduces some of the practices of the new organizational design AEquacy, such as OKRs, dynamic roles, ongoing feedback and consent decision making to boost accountability and collaboration within teams.

Organizational Development

Organizational Allighment/ Engagement

This Smart Working journey is designed with a systemic approach that affects simultaneously: flexibility, empowerment, accountability, trust, focus on results, collaboration and innovation. We have developed a partnership with a major design and space planning company to offer our customers integrated solutions for implementing a “smart” environment and culture.

Building Internal Coaching Capability

The programme aims at developing professional coaching skills for the organizations needing to build internal coaching capability. Our training is aligned to the standards of the International Coach Federation and, if needed, we can support in designing and building the internal coaching processes.

Developing a Smart Working Culture

To broaden participants’ self-awareness and ability to respond effectively in any circumstance and changing environment, expand their level of mental ‘complexity’ and enable them to hold multiple perspectives and be at ease in situations of ambiguity.

Boosting Organizational Effectiveness

This program is designed to develop system awareness among participants and let them experience why certain dysfunctional patterns are predictable and keep repeating in the workplace. It provides an opportunity to improve collaboration, accountability and performance.


AEquacy is a revolutionary, human-centered organizational design and operating system that changes the paradigm of the traditional, hierarchical organization and pave the way to greater innovation, collaboration and performance. It is based on an equalitarian structure of self-organizing, peer-coordinated teams where people serve the organizational purpose in autonomy.

We propose that any organization in which subordination of some kind is present generates typical dysfunctional systemic patterns, such as silos, bureaucracy, slow decision-making, disengagement, lack of accountability, risk aversion and lack of innovation. Those dysfunctional patterns cannot be overcome without questioning the whole concept of hierarchy. The central idea of our research findings is that only hierarchy-free, self-governing organizations will be in the best condition to foster innovation, boost performance and expand people’s potential. Besides the AEquacy organizational design, we created a comprehensive framework of operating principles and an implementation model to support our clients transitioning to an aequal organizational operating system.

The AEquacy Structure

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