Our purpose is to contribute to the evolution of humanity by enabling people and teams to transform their way of thinking, their way of being and their organizations and our values are making a difference, equality, lightness and evolution.

We ensure that our most important decisions are coherent with our purpose and values and we are willing to decline work for companies whose business goes against this aim.

As a responsible company, we committ to conducting business with the highest ethical standards, which means acting with integrity, honesty and transparency in all our dealings with customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities we serve.

Our code of ethics reflects and details all these commitments and provides a framework for our business practices.

By adhering to this code, we strive to build trust and credibility with our stakeholders and contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with all applicable local and international laws and regulations in the countries where we operate. We also respect local customs and traditions.

Business Integrity

We maintain high standards of business integrity, and take a zero- tolerance approach to corruption, any form of bribery or illegal activities. We conduct our business with transparency and accountability, and ensure that all our financial transactions are recorded accurately.

Ethical Behavior

We act with honesty, integrity, and respect in all our business dealings.
We do not engage in any form of discrimination, harassment, or unethical behavior. We expect that our suppliers and business partners adhere to similar standards.


We commit to treating all people equally irrespective of their age, disability, marriage or civil partnership, race, ethnical diversity, religion or belief, gender or sexual orientation.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We maintain the confidentiality of our customers’ and employees’ personal and business information and use it only for legitimate business purposes and in compliance with the GDPR regulations.

Conflict of Interest

We avoid any conflict of interest that may arise between our personal interests and the interests of our clients. We commit to disclose any potential conflicts of interest with all the parties involved and take appropriate steps to manage them.


We are transparent in our communications and interactions with our stakeholders. We are open and honest in acknowledging and addressing any mistakes or shortcomings in our performance.

Working Conditions

We provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and collaborators and ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect. We created and adopted AEquacy as a human centric organization design based on self-organization, which helps us to to maintain fair and equitable working conditions, including fair compensation and benefits, and offer equal opportunities to all.

Social Responsibility

We are socially responsible, we measure and are committed to minimize the impact of our business on the environment, our employees, and the communities where we operate. We also strive to make a positive contribution to society and commit to waste minimisation and prevention of pollution.

Breach of Commitments: should any of these commitments be breached, we will take prompt and appropriate action to investigate the matter, address the issue, and prevent future occurrences. This may include disciplinary action, remedial measures, or other necessary actions to restore compliance with our code of ethics.