The purpose of Asterys is to contribute to the evolution of humanity, by enabling people to transform their way of thinking, their way of being and their organizations. Our talent is to unlock their full potential for their business and amplify the impact they have in the world.

Our internal purpose is to be a global network pioneer of cutting-edge transformational programs. We want to be an example of excellence both towards our customers, those who work with us and towards the general public.

This purpose is explained in the principles of our
Quality Policy:

Customer Satisfaction:

guaranteeing and constantly improving customer satisfaction by understanding needs and expectations and offering high standards of service in order to become an increasingly reliable partner and to maintain relationships over time. We monitor the levels of satisfaction of our services relative to the management and coordination of programs.

Quality of coaching, facilitation and training services:

providing clients with programs that create value for participants and for the client companies. We monitor the levels of satisfaction and learning of the services provided and implement corrective measures when necessary.

Innovation of services:

we promptly respond to market evolution by intercepting trends that impact organizational development, designing innovative programs, and adopting methodological innovations.

Management and development of the network of Facilitators and Executive Coaches:

we are committed to guarantee the highest professional standards on the market through an ongoing selection process of Executive Coaches and Facilitators aimed at assessing the actual skills and experience that our high standards require and supporting their professional development.

Effectiveness and efficiency of the management system:

we keep the company lean, flexible and well organized by adopting an organizational self-government design (AEquacy) and providing state-of-the-art technological platforms that simplify and make our work efficient.

Dissemination of the culture of quality:

through appropriate educational actions towards all the stakeholders to increase their awareness.

To honor these commitments, in compliance with the UNI EN-ISO 9001: 2015, a Quality Management System has been developed and is constantly maintained, and this Policy has been drafted. This document is addressed to each of the subjects directly or indirectly involved in the activity of Asterys that is all the Stakeholders, and is made accessible also outside our environment through the publication on the website www.asterys.com.

We are committed to stimulating, controlling and verifying the commitment toward the continuous compliance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standards by all the stakeholders involved in the processes and activities of Asterys, encouraging them to identify the most critical parts and to pursue improvements in their management and operational activities.